Tournament Manager

Tired of playing the same tournament formats over and over again? offers the ability to create a wide variety of tournaments that are unique and fun to play. With GolfLeagueGenius, you can play numerous formats within a single event (for example: best 2 balls of foursome with skins, low net and low gross). It is also possible to set up tournaments that span multiple events or an entire season, like aggregate Stablefords.

After the event, scoring is made easy as you only need to enter gross scores, no matter how many tournaments are being played. Let the Genius calculate everything for you!

"We used GolfLeagueGenius for our club championship and tracked low net low gross winners within flights and divisions. Any format that I’ve ever heard of for golf games, GolfLeagueGenius has been able to handle—the possibilities are quite endless!"
-Marney Stephenson, League Manager, Fairwinds 18 Hole Ladies